Friday, August 2, 2019

“Adventures at Girnar Mountain”. (English)

(Fantasy for Teens Series)

A magical story
For family entertainment

This appreciated   
Not only by kids but,
Parents and
Grandparents also.

Book on flipkart

T his is a fantasy with Indian culture background. Kids who enjoyed “Harry Potter” are now enjoying this fantastic story also. 
It’s interesting to know that not only kids but parents and grandparents are also enjoying this fantastic story.

This book has a magnetic power to attract kids again towards ‘book reading’. 

The mobile games have corrupted brain of new generation kids. Now this book is creating imagination power within them.

While reading this story parents get lost in past memories of childhood.

Grandparents are enjoying this story as it reflects a similar plot to ‘Gul Bakavali’ ‘Tota Maina’ ‘Hatim Tai’ ‘Chandrakanta’ ‘Isahp Niti’

This story is for those ‘children’ who has spent hours together while reading ‘Chandamama’ comics.

This powerful story is about magic, fairy, Kings, Kingdom and chivalrous fights by kids.

Is it a book for a child?
Yes it is. It is allowing us to be a child while reading it. It ultimately makes us happy and be merry.

You start to live again in childhood days, childhood friends, school days, gives you immense pleasure of life.

After a prolonged time children are able to enjoy such a beautiful fantasy which has Indian base.

This story has suspense, drama, and chivalrous kids. A ‘girl’ is very strong character in this narration. A thriller story flows rough with shocking turns every time.

‘Giranar’ is a Mountain in Gujarat (India).
It’s like ‘The Himalaya’ ‘The Sahyadri’

Mountains always attract humans; it creates esoteric inexplicable feelings among humans. This is the truth with ‘The Giranar’ also.

‘The Giranari wizards are taken as very powerful humans who devote total life for   asceticism, in mysteries Grotto. They are very proficient.

 A few decades ago some hypocrite impostors declare themselves as Giranari wizard and exploited some poor.

Therefore, a common person started to take every wizard negatively, which was not the truth.

This story has basic plot of ‘The Girnar’, which starts at the Metro city called Mumbai. This is a courageous ‘heroin oriented’ story.

This plot trembles the reader. It is a perfect suspense thriller, which keeps you on fast track holding your breath while going through it. 
You are welcome to a Fantasy Land. 

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