Thursday, August 29, 2019

how to give black and white effect in photoshop?

How to give black and white effect in Photoshop?



 This adjustment layer is one of the best tools to convert color photos into black and white.

Step 01 – Make a Black and White Adjustment Layer

Start by creating a Black and White Adjustment Layer.

From the Layers Panel, click on the New Adjustment Layer icon and select Black White.

Step 02 – Adjust the Color Slider in The Properties Panel

The Black and White adjustment layer will desaturate your image.

In the Properties Panel, you’ll notice six sliders: Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues, and Magentas.

These sliders control the brightness of the grayscale version of the corresponding colors.

 move the Red slide to the left,

You can use the slider to create better contrast and tonality in your image.

If you want a more darker in your image, you can click-and-drag the Blue slide to the right.

Step 03 – Use Image Adjustment Tool in photoshop

Rather than utilizing the sliders to adjust the tonality of your photo, you can click-and-drag over the picture to change a specific area.

To adjust a specific color in your photo, you can select the On-image Adjustment Tool found on the top left of the properties panel.

At that point snap and-drag legitimately over your picture to adjust the shading slider for the prevalent shading at that specific area.

Drag to one side makes the chose area darker while drag to the correct makes it more brighter.

Use the keyboard shortcut, Shift+Ctrl+U to save time

I Hope all your questions have got answer. Peace

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