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The Spiritual Health : Self Help Book for Students Mind Concentration & Memory Enhancement through Self-Hypnosis (English)

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Spiritual health’ is a subject discussed rarely.
Mind Concentration & Memory Enhancement through Self-Hypnosis’ is a wonderful book which is passing very heavy knowledge in  easy language. Those students are very lucky who are reading this book at this moment.

We do not know which rank you will get, we do not know whether you will became an engineer, doctor or not but we know one day you are going to support your family.

One-day you will have your own family, you will have your own kids. You will be mother or father. You will support old parents. Today’s student will turn as tomorrows family head.

One day you will also turn old. Then by giving knowledge about life, you will also paas on from this world.

In this definite life cycle, we must create better humans out of our students.

While living life how much you enjoyed, is very important. To get the knowledge is important. Money is the by-product.

In ancient Indian educational system, competition was absent. We always gave importance to the performance. 
Means students given the knowledge, which they interest for.

Memory was not important at that time. The knowledge was purely practicle and life oriented.

Those were British who superimposed their ‘Christian ideology’ on Indians.

Then school friends turn into foe, ‘competitors’. Due to cutthroat competition teacher, parents became ruthless while dealing with kids. Everywher getting at top became important by ‘hook or by crook’.

Today’s giant educational system only recognizes memory, but ironically this does not teach, how to deal with memory.

There is no knowledge about ‘How to manage emotions, relations.
So we have crafted this beautiful book to understand your memory power. Students   will get the knowledge, for which perhaps their parents wait until the age of fourty.

Everyone knows Physical Health, Psychological Health but nothing about spiritual health.

Western philosophers know little about spiritual health; whereas Indian philosophers have lot of research on ‘Spiritual Health’.

In this modern world, humans are busy to research on deceases. Everyone is working on illness. This is a threat to humans as specie.
In old days, people were concern about health, not the deceases. So they were happy, enjoying life.

Spiritual activities were integral part of everyone’s life. The eating habits, the food, the music, and the arts everything related to spirituality.

In the modern world only 10%, families are having regular spiritual activities.

‘So called’ modern society takes spiritual activity as a symbol of backwardness.

Humans are trying to control the nature. They are making experiments on animals, vegetables, crops in return humans are getting worst out of it.

While controlling nature; health of animals, vegetables, crops dropped down and situation became more complicated.

As a whole, health replaced by deceases, the worst part, humans caught by deceases.

Physical illness, mental illness became integral part of modern human life.

In the era of Jet speed, no one is ready to wait for a second. Patient start to pressurize doctors to cure them fast, doctors ask pharmaceutical companies to make drugs, with whatever side effects, to cure the patient fast.

Human being has created chaos in natural system resulted in illness.

In addition, natural water resources, like lake, river, and sea polluted.

Under the tag of development, mountains and jungle, everything destroyed.

Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution everything result into poor and poor health.
The only remedy on illness is to focus on health. Physical health, Mental Health as well as Spiritual Health.

‘Spiritual and Religious’ both are different terminologies.

Spiritual does not mean Religious. A religious activity does not mean spiritual activities.

A spiritual activity does not mean para- psychological activity.

It is an ancient science, which gives wonderful results.
Every human follow some psychological and spiritual developments in life.

Up to the eighth standard, we are atheist. Our educational system teaches us to be atheist.

After ninth standard, we start to visit at least one time to any temple or mosque, the reason, ‘Board Exam.’

In tenth standard, we turn fifty percent ‘deists’, if able to get good marks. We start to believe there is some “Supreme power” behind you.

Still we are not religious.

One day you are graduate, and hunting for job,
again you start to visit temples. Somehow, you start to earn bread and butter.

Women meanwhile after the marriage leaving everything behind at mother’s home, passing through pregnancy, then delivery are literally dependent on God. They are more religious by the time.

Men are still shaping up his career and achieving many targets.  He is not worried about the God. He declares himself as ‘God of his family’. His kids, wife old parents are at his mercy.

At the age of forty-five, fifty; suddenly he falls ill.
He, for the first time realizes help for himself.
He cannot ask mental support by kids, or wife or old parents because of his ego. The only solution remains to pray.

Around the age of fifty five to sixty his Uncle, Aunty or Father or Mother dies. At this moment, he is shaken up.

Now starts to find out life after death. Monks, peace of mind, or religious activities.

Then after sixties, he is totally religious and spiritual until end of the life.

A woman turns more spiritual after the age of forty-five as their Monthly Periodical cycle stops. She found her life tasteless, as she is no more fertile. Ninety percent women turn total religious after hormonal changes.

A woman starts to have many physical and
psychological problems, now she needs help of the spiritual and religious powers.

Meanwhile if she turns as a (cousin) grandmother, earlier than she does first blood relation does, she disturbed by calling her grandma at this early stage of life.

She accepts spiritual path early than her husband.

In the series of Spiritual health Hypnotism and
self Hypnosis is at the top. The reason is our 98% of the health depends on our thinking power.

Thinking power and mental strength enhance by Hypnotism.

Hypnotism is a subject to include in modern syllabus, as western universities do.

Read this book carefully to know the practical hypnotism.

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