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What are the types of layers in Photoshop? Or How many types of layers in Photoshop?

What are the types of layers in Photoshop? Or How many types of layers in Photoshop?

So here it is.
In Photoshop there are five kinds of layers: Image, Adjustment, Fill, Shape, and Type (Text layer). You’ll probably spend most of your time creating Image layers, so that you’re familiar with all types. 

In this following sections describe each one of layers.

  • Image layers
The Image layer, usually just referred to as a layer, is essentially a digital version of a clear  sheet. You can create blank layers and add images to them, or you can create layers from images when you import in photoshop.

  • Adjustment layers
The Adjustment layer is a special kind of layer used for modifying color and contrast. The advantage of using adjustment layers for your corrections, rather than applying them directly on the image layer, is that you can apply the corrections without permanently affecting the pixels.

  • Fill layers
A fill layer lets you add a layer of solid color, a gradient, or a pattern. Like adjustment layers, fill layers also include layer masks. You can edit, rearrange, duplicate, delete, and merge fill layers similarly to adjustment layers. You can blend fill layers with other layers by using the opacity and blend mode options on the Layers panel. Finally, you can restrict the fill layer to just a portion of your image by either making a selection first or painting on the mask later.

  • Shape layers
Photoshop also lets you draw shapes with drawing tools. These shapes are vector-based, which means that the shapes are defined by mathematical equations which create points and paths, rather than by pixels. You can freely resize these objects without causing degradation, and they’re always printed with smooth edges.

  • Type layers
Create text in your document with this tool. Text in Photoshop is vector-based by default, so you can edit and resize it throughout the creation process.

  •  Smart Object Layers

Convert any images, text or objects to a Smart Object Layer by going to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object. A Smart Object Layer saves the original form of any images in your document, tracking all changes made to them in a list below. At any time, even after saving the changes, you can undo them as far back as you wish.

Hope all your question is answer. Peace

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