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Top 20 Bloggers in India 2019 how much do they earn?

Top 20 Bloggers in India 2019 how much do they earn?

 Over the years, tons of Indian entrepreneurs with a passion for online business opportunities have taken to blogging as a source of income with a good number of them establishing themselves as authorities in their chosen areas of speciality.

Lots of people still don’t think of blogging as a real job – but, as a full-time professional blogger who has been in the industry for years, I know the reality.
Interestingly, people find it hard to believe me when I tell them there are lots of successful bloggers whose monthly income exceeds the annual income of most executive-level employees. That’s simply because they operate their blog as a business.
Now, if you still think that blogging is time wasting and worthless, I’ll share the list of top bloggers in India from different industries.
In this article, I will give a comprehensive review of the top Indian bloggers with a focus on their blogging career, average monthly income, and how they came about their impressive net worth when absolutely possible.

Top Bloggers In India

1. Amit Agarwal

amit agarwal
Amit agarwal
Monthly earning: $60,000
Obviously the most famous Indian blogger, Amit has a degree in Computer Science and plied his trade with several reputable multinational companies before he launched his blog,, a journey that makes him the first professional blogger in the country after quitting his attractive job at Goldman Sachs where he was a reputable software developer.
The New Delhi-based pro blogger has performed creditably well in his chosen profession with an estimated $60,000 monthly income from his blog where he teaches digital topics and offers inspiration to his growing list of passionate and dedicated readers who are always on the lookout for the latest topics in the digital world.
Amit makes this awe-inspiring monthly income from different blogging-related sources. The bulk of the income is from paid advertisement, Adsense, and affiliate, with Adsense earnings accountable for 75% of his monthly income. This pioneer Indian blogger is the best in his profession and a source of inspiration to many Indian bloggers.
This is not unexpected for a blog with over 4.5 million monthly page views and great followership on major social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

2. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agarwal
Blog: ShoutMeLoud.Com
Monthly Earning: $40,055
Harsh Agarwal’s blogging journey is a typical case of the proverbial from grass to grace story. Although he borrowed a credit card from one of his friends to register his domain in 2008, he has gradually established himself as one of the biggest bloggers in India and a worthy authority in the social media marketing community.
The founder of ShoutMeLoud blogs about different blogging related topics such as how to start a blog, monetize it and make a decent living out of it. His areas of expertise include Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
His other areas of interest include Webhosting, Life Hacks, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and other online marketing topics. He set out to assist potential entrepreneurs to earn passive income without being unduly chained to the traditional 9-5 jobs with his blog and has achieved that goal.
Over the years, his blog has gradually metamorphosed from a simple blog in 2008 into a reference point to many aspiring and seasoned Indian bloggers who need a reliable source of information on how to start their blogging journey and earn decent passive income from it.
With a monthly average traffic of 1.6 million, Harsh Agarwal has turned ShoutMeLoud into an efficient money-making machine that gives him tens of thousands of dollars every month.
Harsh enjoys great followership on major social media platforms. With approximately 50,000 Twitter followers, about 65,000 Facebook likes, and a bit below 30,000 email subscribers, he has put the machinery in place to keep earning passively from his blog.
In February 2018 alone, he made $40,055 from blogging. He earned this from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, eBook sales, Propeller Ads, and what have you. He has carved a niche for himself as one of the best affiliate marketers for a host of web hosting affiliate programs such as HostGator, BlueHost, and A2 Hosting.
You can check this professional and successful blogger out on his website, and perhaps take advantage of his tutorials to give blogging career a shot. He promised aspiring bloggers that his posts will help them to earn handsome income if they have what it takes to join the blogging community.
On June 24, 2018, Harsh Agarwal received the “Best Blog/Blogger Award” from The Indian Blogger Awards in recognition of his contributions and “for outstanding excellence in the field of blogging.”

3. Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma
Shraddha Sharma
Blog: YourStory.Com
Monthly Earning: $30,000
Shradha has proven that women too can aspire to be the best at whatever they set their minds on. As one of the female bloggers reviewed in this list, she has done pretty well for herself over the years with her blog.
Sharma started out as a Brand Adviser to one of India’s biggest magazines, Times of India and as the Assistant Vice President of one of the country’s largest TV stations, CNBC TV18, after completing her first and second degrees in History from Saint Stephen’s College before she proceeded to Maryland Institute College of Art where she bagged her MBA.
Shradha launched her blog in 2008 as Since then, she has taken the blog to another realm by focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship and sharing success stories of successful founders as her own little way of encouraging more people to give entrepreneurship a shot.
Her blog is recognized as arguably the most influential and vocal platform for aspiring startups in the country where her readers look up to for valuable pieces of information and guidance on how to start their entrepreneurship journey without hassle.
Since she launched her blog in 2008, she has published some 72,000 articles and profiled over 1,500 entrepreneurs to feed the cravings of her millions of readers. According to the blog, YourStory has a monthly view of over 10 million and that has given her the license to earn a decent income from her blogging career.
The Bangalore-based seasoned and successful blogger earns an estimated $30,000 monthly as one of the top 10 entrepreneurship bloggers in India. The bulk of her income is from Adsense, sponsorship, and advertisement.

4. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal
Malini Agarwal
Monthly Earning: $30,000
Gone are the days when women were left behind while men took the centre stage. Malini is one of the few women who dared to challenge the men’s dominance of the blogging world and she has done enough to deserve a mention among the best bloggers in India.
Malini is another female blogger who has consistently been lending voice to her passion via her blog, This beautiful blogger is arguably the best female blogger in the country. He blog, MissMalini, has one of the biggest readerships in India with millions of monthly page views to its credit.
Malini Agarwal’s blog is dedicated primarily to the country’s movie industry, Bollywood. She does use the platform to intimate millions of movie lovers with happenings in the Bollywood with her writing skills.
Although she started blogging as a hobby in 2008 while working as a  DJ with Channel V, a radio station in the country, she eventually left her job and focused on her blogger career as her viewership rose astronomically.
As one of the most popular celebrities and Bollywood blogs, she has banked on her huge followership to write enlightening posts on travel, fashion, and lifestyle, as one of her several efforts to grow her followership as well as her blog.
She has also partnered with several organizations to cover some events such as Lakme Fashion Week, India Resort Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour and Cape Town Fashion Week as well as being featured on international magazines such as Femina, Grazia, Cosmopolitan,, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, and a host of other publications.
Malini is also the author of the motivational book: “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” This book is her own way of giving back to the community by profiling her personal blogging experience and providing a practical guide that can assist her readers to follow their hearts and build their brands.
Today, has an estimated 500,000 daily page views and over 6 million followers on her social media pages. That has translated to an estimated $30,000 monthly income from her blog. The English Literature graduate is obviously a major player in the industry.

5. Faisal Farooqui

 Faisal Farooqui
Faisal Farooqui
Monthly Earning: $50,000
Fasail is the founder of the popular consumer review blog, A blog that doubles as a research tool in India have gradually made its mark in the industry since it was founded a couple of years ago.
After completing his bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York and a degree in Information Systems and Finance to show his efforts, Faisal left the United States and went back home to India where he started, one of the most popular blogs in the country.
He made the list of the Top Business People in India in 2012 according to Entrepreneur Magazine in recognition of the role that his blog has played in consumer product review as his contribution to the need for Indians to have an unbiased review of any product they want to consume.

Three years earlier, deservedly won the India Digital Media Awards’ maiden edition of the Best Portal Award 2009.
With millions of consumers patronizing the blog for reviews and research, the US-trained blogger earns an estimated $50,000 from his blog, making him one of the most successful bloggers in India.
His income channel includes paid advertisement, premium membership, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

6. Srinivas Tamada

Monthly Earning: $20,000
Srinivas is a Chennai-based Indian blogger. This experienced blogger focuses on web designing, programming, and other related topics and has a large followership. It is the reference point for students and tech-oriented individuals who need practical assistance and reliable information on programming and web design both for academic and personal development.
His blog, is one of the top 10 tech blogs in India with millions of dedicated readers trooping to the website every month to learn from this blogger with a different niche.
Srinivas rakes in an estimated $20,000 monthly from his blog where he teaches Ajax, PHP, web design, and programming. This successful blogger holds its financial success to income from affiliate sources and Adsense earnings.

7. Varun Krishnan

Varun Krishnan
Monthly Earning: $22,000
Varun Krishna is another successful Indian blogger who has been around in the industry for some years. As the brain behind FoneArena, a blog dedicated to technology news, mobile phones, phone reviews, and what have you, Varun has made a name for himself in the blogging community with his impressive and unbiased analyses and reviews that his readers find informative.
A visit to will give you an insight into why this blogger is highly rated in India. He earns a decent $22,000 doing what he knows how to do best and got a steady flow of income from paid advertisement, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.
You can get a clue into the commendable efforts of this dedicated blogger on if you are looking for a comprehensive review of any phone or other related technology news. This blog is arguably the leading blog in India for technology enthusiasts and mobile consumers where you can get up-to-date and comprehensive reviews of different types of mobile devices and the latest technology news.

8. Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai
Monthly Earning: $15,000
Arun founded, a blog dedicated to the Internet, Technology, Mobile, and Telecom in 2007. As a passionate blogger, he has continued to wow his audience with his awesome writing skills and a regular flow of valuable information in his chosen niche.
Arun dedicated his blog to Business and Technology related topics and has continued to grow this followership along that line. His choice of blogging niche is not surprising because Arun himself is an IT professional and Internet geek who has been earning a living from his IT knowledge since 1996.
Prior to launching his blog in 2007, he took a job as the manager of an Internet services company where he had the privilege of setting up the first private Service Company in the country. He left the company to join Webtech Developers PVT Ltd as the manager some years later.
It was at this company that he had the freedom to put his IT skills into use by handling complex web development projects for international clients from the United Kingdom and the United States. His job description exposed him to the latest technology and tools that he later found useful as a tech blogger.
His experience in the IT world gave him the edge over several other bloggers in the same niche and made him standout before he eventually takes a deserved place among the top 10 bloggers in India and a leading name in the technology and business blogging sub-niche.
With a monthly income of $15,000 earned from affiliate marketing, Adsense, and paid advertisement, Arun has become one of the successful members of the Indian blogging community.

9. Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha
Monthly Earning: $18,000
Ashish Sinha is another big name in the Indian’s blogging industry. After working with reputable international brands such as IBM and Yahoo, Ashish went into blogging in 2007 when he started a blog he named Pluggd. He banked on his wealth of experience in the corporate world to build a blog that will be generally accepted by his target audience.
A couple of years later, he renamed the blog to and rebranded the blog, focusing on some hot topics such as Start-ups, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in order to gain grounds as soon as he can. The blog is also a reference point for Product Marketing, Business Analysis, Product Management, Market Research, and Product Roadmaps.
Today, the former corporate guy earns a monthly income of $18,000 from his blog through affiliate marketing, Adsense, and paid advertisement.

10. Amit Bwani

Amit Bwani
Amit Bhawani
Monthly Earning: $25,000
Amit Bwani launched his blogging career in 2007 and has not looked back since then. He also went into the technology niche and blogs about the latest gadget and technology. His dedication to work and passion for blogging has earned him a place as one of the country’s finest tech bloggers.
Through his blog, he attends to the needs of millions of tech enthusiasts by blogging technology-related topics such as tablets, mobile phones, and other related technical stuff that his growing audience will find useful.
Before he delved into the world of blogging, Amit is an experienced player in the Search Engine community as the SEO of an SEO company that he formed in 2006. He also formed Web Development Business Company where he offered a wide range of website-related services.

Currently, Amit blogs at where he specializes in the latest technology, tech news, and information for his growing list of dedicated technology enthusiasts.
With an estimated monthly income of $25,000, Amit undoubtedly deserves a place among the top 10 bloggers in India. His income sources include direct paid advertising, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

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